The Kind Leadership Challenge

Dr. Sarah Clark empowers educational and library leaders to transform their ten minutes or less!

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What I Learned at Harvard (Challenge 27)

Aug. 8, 2022

From July 24th to 29th, I had one of the most amazing professional experiences of my entire life at the Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. And I kept a journal of sorts…

Is your Dark Side trying to tell you something? (Challenge #26)

Aug. 1, 2022

My fellow library and educational leaders, I come to you today with an uncomfortable truth. It’s time to listen to your shadow. We all have things about ourselves we don't like, or try to ignore. And we leader types just ten…

How to Recover from your next Leadership Breakdown (Challenge #25)

July 25, 2022

As I mentioned back in episode 10, I am the proud owner of a Peloton. One of the big reasons I bought a Peloton was because I have to exercise first thing in the morning or it never happens, and there’s not really any better…

But Is Kind Leadership Practical? (Challenge #24)

July 18, 2022

I have a big vision for the Kind Leadership Guild. I think I’ve mentioned it in passing here and there, but my long term goal is to create the Kind Leadership Academy, a membership community where dozens or even hundreds of …

How to Lead From Where You Are: A Conversation With Alvina Peat (Challenge #23)

July 11, 2022

How can you grow your leadership skills, regardless of your job title? My Guest Alvina Peat and I will be talking about this in the first interview episode of the Kind Leadership Challenge. It’s a little longer than our usua…

Why Mastering Challenging Conversations is the Key to Kind Leadership (Challenge #22)

July 4, 2022

When people join the Kind Leadership Challenge facebook community, one of the entrance questions is: What is your biggest kind leadership challenge? I was reading over some of those questions earlier today and I was struck b…